11 September 2014

XP CHainsaws - Professional, powerful & precise!

Husqvarna's XP chainsaws are developed and tested in collaboration with the most demanding professional users. Built to withstand the toughest treatment, the XP range features carefully selected, first-rate components, such as the forged three-piece crankshaft, magnesium crankcase & clutch cover, making them extremely durable. Equipped with sophisticated engine technology that delivers high torque over a wide rpm range, these chainsaws come fully loaded with features such as a slimline design & high centre of gravity for maximum manoeuvrability, Air Injection and Low Vob antivibration system to reduce operator fatigue.

Tested Under Extreme Conditions
Husqvarna chainsaws undergo intense testing, both in laboratories & out in the field. They test run the machines for several hundred hours in water brake test rigs where chainsaws are loaded at different speeds to simulate felling. This is performed in order to detect any temperature problems. In order to detect any vibration problems they also run the chainsaws at full throttle inlaboratory test units for a long period of time. In addition, we expose the chainsaws to demanding impact tests as well as both extreme cold & sweltering heat, in order to ensure they make the grade when it's time for you to use them.

Superb Manoeuvrability
Great power is not necessarily synonymous with heavy, cumbersome machines. When we design our chainsaws, we always aspire to facilitate your work. Husqvarna's latest models are very lightweight and sleek power packs. And they have lowered the front handle and thereby narrowed the distance between the handle & the saw's centre of gravity. These along with several other large and small design solutions now make it easy to twist and turn even their most powerful chainsaws.

Posted by: Michael in Chainsaws