09 February 2012

Common Hedge Trimmer Problems

Although problems with hedge trimmers are not a common occurrence, it is often a relief to know how to fix a few of the most common and smaller issues to ensure your equipment is running at its optimum. It will also prevent you from having to fork out hundreds of dollars to a professional for something you could fix yourself.

Your hedge trimmer won’t start

  • Generally, this is due to the trigger lock button being turned on. This is usually a small button to the side of the trigger and is installed as a safety mechanism. Simply press it to turn it off.

Your hedge trimmer runs but will not cut

  • Often, this is due to debris stuck between the cutters. Turn your trimmer off and give the cutters a once over, cleaning out any debris that you find. Use a damp cloth to quickly clean the blades, and then apply a light oil to lubricate the cutters.
  • If this does not work, the blades will either need to be replaced or sharpened.

Your hedge trimmer’s motor overheats

  • Have you been shoving your trimmer into heavy brush to cut branches away? The motor does not react well to being deprived of airflow, so refrain from doing this kind of work. If your motor has overheated, allow it to cool down before using again.

If the above solutions are unable to fix the problem your hedge trimmer is experience, you will need to take it to a professional for repairs. Also, if the problem your trimmer is experiencing is not listed above, you should take it to a professional from the get go in case it is more serious.

Posted by: John in Hedge Trimmers