20 January 2013

Common Problems with Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that can arise during the life your petrol hedge trimmer. Whilst these machines are designed with simplicity in mind, they are comprised of parts that tend to wear out quite quickly, especially if you have not been properly maintaining the trimmer. So, what are the more common problems that you may face and how do you deal with them?

  • Ignition: Worn out or bad spark plugs can wreak havoc with your trimmer's ignition system – make sure that you change them when issues arise. Bad or old electrical wiring in the lead wire can also cause ignition problems; this will need a professional repair.
  • Fuel System: If your fuel tank is dirty, the filter may become blocked and your carburetor will be suffocated. If the vent valve also becomes plugged, your hedge trimmer will die when it becomes hot. You must be careful when filling your fuel tank to avoid dirt getting in.
  • Air Leakage: If air leakage occurs anywhere in your trimmer's engine, you will find excess air in your fuel supply. This will cause your machine to lose the compression it needs to run. Look for air leaks around old or faulty gaskets, seals and around the piston rings.

Whilst these are not the only problems that your petrol hedge trimmer may experience over its lifetime, they are three of the most common that you are likely to come across. These sorts of problems should not shape your decision in which trimmer to purchase, either, as electric models are also faced with their fair share of issues – you should just be aware of what could happen.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers