11 September 2012

A Guide To Lubricating Your Hedge Trimmer

Over time, you may notice that your hedge trimmer’s blades begin to stick when you try to cut the various hedges and shrubbery in your yard. Not only can this make it difficult to get any sort of gardening done, it can make your cuts unclean and jagged.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers
22 April 2012

How To Winterize Your Hedge Trimmers

Whilst it can be tempting to simply shove your hedge trimmer into the shed before winter hits, this could actually cause them to work inefficiently come next spring. To ensure your equipment is still at its premium after a long period of disuse, you should get it ready for storage first.

Posted by: John in Hedge Trimmers
09 February 2012

Common Hedge Trimmer Problems

Although problems with hedge trimmers are not a common occurrence, it is often a relief to know how to fix a few of the most common and smaller issues to ensure your equipment is running at its optimum. It will also prevent you from having to fork out hundreds of dollars to a professional for something you could fix yourself.

Posted by: John in Hedge Trimmers
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