12 September 2014

The Cavelry Is Coming!

Honda Power Equipment is adding not one, not two, but six new models to its lawn mower fleet this season. Now everyone from the backyard hero to the professional contractor can find a Honda perfect for them.

Posted by: Josephine in Lawn Mowers
03 February 2013

Can You Use Your Lawnmower To Make Mulch?

Many homeowners like to mulch the grass clippings that are the result of mowing their lawns because they are full of moisture and nutrients that can be returned back to the soil.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers
20 December 2012

Help-My Lawnmowers Hand Pull Is Stuck!

One of the more common starting problems for lawnmowers is that the hand pull becomes stuck.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers
29 August 2012

How To Replace Your Lawnmowers Wheels

The wheels of most lawnmowers are made out of a hard plastic and, whilst they are highly durable, they can become damaged over time due to contact with hard surfaces.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers
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