03 February 2013

Can You Use Your Lawnmower To Make Mulch?

Many homeowners like to mulch the grass clippings that are the result of mowing their lawns because they are full of moisture and nutrients that can be returned back to the soil. When the grass has been finely mulched it can help to hold moisture in the soil for much longer, which helps lower your water bills. If you have the time, you can use your lawnmower to make this mulch.

Step 1: Remove your lawnmower's grass catcher bag, including any bolts or screws that hold the chute (if it has one) in place. If the cover isn't spring loaded to engage with the bag or chute is removed, make sure that you screw it securely into place.

Step 2: Turn your lawnmower onto its side and carefully remove its cutting blade using a spanner. You will then need to replace the blade with one that is specially designed for mulching. Make sure that you wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges.

Step 3: Mow your lawn as you normally would. Instead of the grass being caught in your lawnmower's bag, however, it will be finely mulched by the specialty blade and left on top of the lawn where it will slowly work its way down into the soil, resulting in much healthier grass.

Whilst most lawnmowers don't actually come with a mulching blade, it is possible to buy one from your local mower supply store. Just make sure that you choose a blade that is of a suitable size for your lawnmower (its make and model can be of assistance, as can bringing in its original blade). You should begin to notice a change in your grass in as little as a few weeks.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers