02 April 2012

How To Drain The Oil Out Of Your Lawnmower

In a lawnmower, oil is essential for lubricating the moving parts of the engine so that it functions properly. Without oil, the lawnmower will overheat, completely ruining the engine. By regularly changing the oil, you can help to ensure that your lawnmower is kept in optimum condition and has a long cutting life. Follow the methods below based on the type of mower you own:

Ride on Lawnmower
Make sure that the mower is parked on a flat and level surface, in gear and with the park brake on to prevent rolling. Look for the oil drainpipe, which should be on the side of the lawnmower, near the bottom of the engine. Place a container on the ground beneath this pipe to collect the old oil. Remove the cap on the drainpipe with a wrench, allowing the oil to drain out of the engine. Wait a reasonable amount of time, allowing as much of the oil to drain out of the lawnmower as possible, before replacing the cap on the drainpipe.

Walk Behind Lawnmower
Make sure that the mower is positioned on a flat and level surface. Place a container on the ground beside the lawnmower, ensuring that it is on the same side as the oil fill tube. Remove the oil fill tube’s dipstick and tilt the mower in the direction of the container until oil begins to drain out. Never turn the lawnmower upside down, as this will cause the carburetor to flood and could damage the engine. Holding onto the mower, allow as much of the old oil to drain out as possible.

Once you have drained the oil from your lawnmower, you are free to add in a new batch. In all, this process will not take you much longer than 10 or 15 minutes, remembering that you need to allow time for the oil to drain out. Do this regularly to ensure the long life of your lawnmower.

Posted by: John in Lawn Mowers