30 October 2013

Electric Vs Fuel Logsplitters

A logsplitter can make your life much easier and safer, especially if you need firewood to keep your home warm or your job requires you to clear land. But which type of logsplitter will best meet your needs – an electric or a fuel powered one? Unfortunately, each has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, so this decision may be harder then you think.


  • These machines require a power source, so you must make sure that an electrical socket or generator is available at all times.
  • These machines are really only suited to cutting up smaller pieces of wood and branches.
  • A brand new electric logsplitter will set you back between $275 and $500 in most cases and they are generally cheaper to run.
  • The maintenance costs for these machines are also relatively low, as all they require is lubrication and cleaning.
  • These machines can be quite light and easy to move, although it should be noted that some models can still be quite heavy.




  • These machines require a fuel source, such as petrol or diesel, so you must make sure that you have plenty in stock.
  • These machines are able to make short work of thick pieces of wood and hardwoods in general.
  • A brand new fuel powered logsplitter will start at $500 and go up from there, and they are generally more expensive to run.
  • The maintenance costs for these machines are also relatively high, as they require oil and general running care.
  • These machines can be quite heavy and difficult to move; it is almost certain that you will require a vehicle.

At the end of the day, your decision between an electric and a fuel powered logsplitter should depend entirely on the application that you have in mind. If you won't really need to use the machine all that often and if it will only be around the home, an electric model should be fine. If you need to cut up a lot of wood, on the other hand, a fuel logsplitter will definitely work best.

Posted by: Michael in Logsplitters