21 February 2012

How To Put Petrol In A Mower

While this may seem like a silly question for some, if you have never before put petrol in a mower it may seem like a really confusing task. After all, it’s not the same as putting petrol in your car or motorbike. Follow the below instructions and you will be putting petrol in your mower like a pro in no time.

First, you should dig out your owner’s manual and find out what type of fuel your mower requires. Most mowers will run off regular petrol, but others will require higher octane fuel or even diesel. Once you know what petrol to use, make a trip to the service station and get a can.

Next, find the fuel tank on your mower. Generally, it will look like a plastic jug of sorts that sits on the top, front or even the side of your engine. If your engine is, however, completely covered it is likely that your mower fuel tank will be too and you should skip this step altogether.

Finding the fuel cap should then be easier – it is usually black in colour with a symbol on the top that clearly states the container is for petrol. Remove the fuel cap (usually a threaded one on mowers; just twist it off) and place a funnel into the opening. If your petrol can has a pouring nozzle attached, you will not need the funnel – this is just to help prevent the petrol from spilling over the mower as you pour it.

Carefully pour the gas into the funnel or opening. You will be able to see the fuel level in the mower tank as you fill it up, so make sure that you stop pouring before it gets too full. Then, replace the fuel cap and your mower is ready to go.

Posted by: John in Mowers