03 February 2013

Can You Use Your Lawnmower To Make Mulch?

Many homeowners like to mulch the grass clippings that are the result of mowing their lawns because they are full of moisture and nutrients that can be returned back to the soil.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers
20 January 2013

Common Problems with Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that can arise during the life your petrol hedge trimmer.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers
07 January 2013

How To Keep Your Ride On Mowers Deck Clean

As your drive your ride on mower around your property it will grow increasingly dirty with grass clippings, dirt and dust.

Posted by: Michael in Ride On Mowers
20 December 2012

Help-My Lawnmowers Hand Pull Is Stuck!

One of the more common starting problems for lawnmowers is that the hand pull becomes stuck.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mowers
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