03 December 2012

How To Test Your Ride On Mowers Starter

Is your ride on mower experiencing problems when you try to start it up? If the starter (which is responsible for spinning the flywheel and, therefore, starting the engine) has gone bad, it is very likely that you will be experiencing these sorts of problems.

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22 November 2012

A Guide To Using A Zero-Turn Lawnmower

As zero-turn lawnmowers are relatively new to the residential grass cutting scene, you may have no idea how to use the machine that you have just purchased and that is currently sitting in your shed.

Posted by: Michael in Lawn Mower
05 November 2012

How Does A Ride On Mower Charge Its Battery?

When comparing similarities between your car and your ride on mower, you might discover that both these vehicles operate on a combination of fuel (often petrol) and a battery.

Posted by: Michael in Ride On Mowers
21 October 2012

How To Sanitize Your Chainsaw

Did you know that the bacteria, fungi, viruses and other unwanted microorganisms that grow on contaminated trees can be passed onto healthy ones via your chainsaw?

Posted by: Michael in Chainsaws
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