09 December 2011

Are Ride On Mowers Suitable For Smaller Yards?

While most people are happy to use a conventional push lawnmower for their small yards, there are many reasons why you may be considering in investing in a ride on mower for your smaller-sized lawn. Perhaps you are elderly or have back problems, so pushing a mower is a constant strain, or perhaps you are pushed for time. But are ride on lawnmowers suitable for use in smaller yards?

Generally, these mowers are more suited to yards that are about half a hectare (just over an acre) to two hectares (about 5 acres) in size. There is, however, nothing stopping you from purchasing a ride on mower for a yard that is smaller than half a hectare. It will just take you a few inches to turn your, which doesn’t leave you a lot of room for error in a smaller yard – trial and error on where to turn is the best option here.

When it comes to buying a seated lawnmower, regardless of the size of your yard, it is always important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. By purchasing a slightly more expensive mower, you will get one that can handle a variety of conditions and that comes equipped with better features and even a more comfortable seat.

If a conventional push mower is not suitable for your yard or your needs, there is some ride on mowers that would be fine for use in a smaller yard. They can also handle a variety of conditions that are unsafe to tackle with a push mower, making them a great choice.

Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers