27 November 2014

Do Ride On Mower Accessories Also Require Maintenance?

Whilst most homeowners are on top of maintaining their lawn mowers, many fail to consider whether their ride on mower accessories also require regular attention. Whilst some of these items don’t require much maintenance at all, others will only last longer and perform at their optimum if you are keeping them in excellent condition. In this article, we have outlined the maintenance that most of your accessories require.

Seat & Machine Cover
It is important to remember that these covers are primarily for the protection of your mower, so it is vital that they are used. They don’t, however, require much maintenance. Just make sure that you keep them clean (wash or wipe the covers every now and then) and don’t allow substances to sit too long on the surface (as they can cause staining).

Loading Ramps
Whilst these ramps are highly useful in loading your mower into trailers and even onto the back of utes, they do need a little attention if you want to keep them from collapsing under the weight of your machine. The most important thing is to keep the ramps clean and ensure that the connection points are kept in shape and free of gunk to ensure smooth joining. Simply spraying the ramps with the garden hose should be sufficient.

If you are lucky enough to have a trailer for your ride on mower, the kind of maintenance it requires will (in part) depend on what you use it for. It is important that you keep both the inside and outside clean (which will help to avoid cross contamination) and that you keep an eye on the pneumatic tyres; replace them or pump them up when required.

If you are fortunate enough to have a spreader for your mower, the kind of maintenance it requires will also (in part) depend on what you are spreading. The bare minimum that you should do is ensure that the spreader is clean and give it a good clean out after each use. The commercial-grade gearbox is also enclosed for easy maintenance. You should also keep an eye on the pneumatic tyres.

If you are lucky enough to have a sweeper or collector for your mower, you will have access to an extremely easy to maintain accessory. Once you have emptied the grass clippings, it is important that you give the inside of the collector a good clean (a spray with the garden hose should be sufficient) and keep an eye on the pneumatic tyres for damage.

Whilst your ride on mower accessories will require far less maintenance than the machine itself, it is important that you don’t forget about them. Doing so will only result in the items wearing out prematurely and being unable to provide you with that function. We hope that you find the above maintenance tips simple and easy to follow, as this will ensure that all of your accessories are well cared for and last as long as the mower itself (if not longer)

Posted by: Josephine in Ride On Mowers