30 November 2011

How to Choose the Right Ride On Mower for You

If you have just started caring for a large garden you will know what a formidable task it is to keep the lawns at a manageable height, and you might be very eager to buy your first ride on mower. Ride ons make taking care of your lawns so much easier – you could get through trimming your lawns in half the time! The variety of mowers available, however, has increased significantly in the past few years, and it is worth putting some thought into finding the right model for your garden and your needs.

  1. Choose trusted Australian brands: Ride ons that have been designed and manufactured in Australia are much more likely to be able to cope with the local terrain than imported brands. Australian mowers have also been designed to perform in extreme heat, so that you won't have any frustrating breakdowns in the middle of summer.
  2. Consider your lawn: The most important consideration in choosing a ride on is the size of the space you need to maintain. Larger lawns require mowers with wider cutting widths to make the job go even faster. You also need to choose a ride on mower that will fit through the narrowest spaces on your lawn, so you may have to come to a compromise if you have a very large lawn but narrow gates.
  3. Consider your terrain: Is your lawn on a steep slope? Do you often have to mow long grass or mow over rough terrain? If your terrain is a little bit difficult, as most are, then you need to choose a ride on mower that has been designed for ultimate safety, traction and power.


Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers