02 May 2012

How To Replace A Ride On Mowers Deck Belt

Through extensive use and as time passes, the deck belt of a ride on mower is known to become dry and begin cracking. This does not, however, mean that the purchase of a new mower is in your future should this ever happen to you – simply purchase the right sort of replacement belt for your model mower, and you can replace it yourself.

Begin by lowering the mower’s deck to its lowest position. Whilst not all models will require you to remove the deck in order to replace the belt, it does give you easier access to complete this task. To remove the deck, you will need to follow the instructions outlined in the manual that came with your particular mower. 

Then, push the idler arm handle, which releases the tension on the deck belt, allowing you to remove it from the pulley. You may also need to use a ratchet and socket (or a hand wrench) to remove the belt stop assembly (if your particular mower has been fitted with one). You can also take this opportunity to remove any pulley shields that the deck has been fitted with.

Pull the old belt out and fit the ride on mowers with the new belt you have purchased. Make sure, however, that the V side of the belt has been inserted into the pulley grooves and that you have routed the belt in the same way that you removed the old one.

To finish, replace the pulley shield and the belt stop assembly (if they were removed), as well as the ride on mower deck. Put the tension back into the belt by pulling the idler arm pulley handle again. The mower should now function as normal.

Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers