11 March 2012

How To Use A Ride On Mower

A lot of people seem to be believers of the misconception that using a ride on mower is much like using a regular mower, except that you sit on it instead of push it, or that using one is much like driving a car, except that you can’t go as fast. By ensuring you use your mower correctly, you will get a well cut lawn and ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you.

Begin by checking the air pressure in all the tires on the mower. Fill them with extra air if needed. You should also check the oil and fuel levels and top these up where needed. This will help to ensure that your ride on mower runs at its optimum.

Next, get into the seat of the mower, being sure to get yourself comfortable (you may be sitting there for a considerable amount of time). Ensure that the brake is engaged and adjust the cutting height to your desired level (you will need to ensure that the blades are raised in order to do this). Pull out the choke (usually a button) and move the throttle speed to about halfway.

To turn the ride on mowers on, turn the key to the start position and release it as soon as the engine engages. Then, release the choke and increase the throttle speed to full. You can then disengage the brakes and move the mower forwards by easing the steering levers forward or by gently tapping the accelerator.

To cut your grass, you will need to lower the blades. This is easily done, generally either by pressing a button to release them or by pulling up a lever that will lower them to the preset level. Simply do the opposite to raise the blades whenever necessary.


Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers