Hedge Trimmers

Our Range Is Sure To Keep Your Hedges In Shape!

The RedShed team is more than happy to assist you with selecting from our comprehensive range of hedge trimmers in Melbourne.

We are proud to supply our customers with any style hedge trimmer that they desire, from those that are specific for larger areas to those that are more suitable for smaller courtyard areas. You are sure to find the best possible solution when shopping with the RedShed.

What the range covers

Our range includes a number of high quality and versatile pieces of equipment for your cutting needs, including: the double sided model for shaping hedges, the longer bladed single sided one for cutting larger areas quickly and long reach range for cutting high.

Petrol or electric?

We stock a range of petrol and electric hedge trimmers, ensuring that you are able to choose the exact type that you prefer. Petrol will provide you with maximum power for slicing through thick growth, whilst electric will provide you with a more environmentally friendly solution.

Commercially appropriate

The Melbourne’s Mower Centre team is also able to help you with selecting a trimmer that will meet the demands of commercial use.