25 June 2012

How To Dispose Of Old Unneeded Lawnmowers

What do you do with your old lawnmower when it’s time to update to a newer model or it simply stops working? Leave it in the shed or garage to rest and gather dust? If so, you’re not alone – plenty of homeowners hold onto their old lawnmowers simply because they do not know what else to do with them. You can use this guide, however, to decide on the best way to dispose of yours:

  • Give it away: just because you no longer have a need for the lawnmower doesn’t mean that no one else will. Give it to a friend who could use it, advertise it in the classified of your local paper or online, or even give it to a not-for-profit organisation, such as the Salvation Army.
  • Recycle it: plenty of your lawnmower’s parts will be recyclable, so give your local recycling centre a call and find out whether they’ll take it. You may have to pull the mower apart to get to the recyclable parts, but it’s beneficial for the environment.
  • Scrap it: similar to recycling it, the difference between the two is that you will make a little cash when selling your old lawnmower for scrap. The junkyard will recycle all the metal parts and anything else that is reusable and will throw out the rest.
  • Throw it out: you could also take the lawnmower to your local rubbish tip and simply throw it away. You should, however, always call in advance to make sure that the tip will take the mower, as not everything can be thrown into landfill.

Before getting rid of your old lawnmower, you should take a few minutes to siphon any remaining fuel or oil from its engine. Whilst this will not be a problem if you are giving the mower to someone else, recycling, scrapping and throwing it away will require these hazardous fluids to be removed.

Posted by: John in Lawn Mowers