Husqvarna Ride On Mowers


The RedShed is a Husqvarna Crown Dealer. This means the RedShed offers you the best product selection of Husqvarna ride on mowers you can find! Crown dealers also have a comprehensive knowledge of Husqvarna Mowers and are best suited to assist you purchase a Ride On for your property or for commercial use.

Range of different designs

Husqvarna Ride On’s come in a range of different designs to make their use as suitable, safe and user friendly as possible. These mowers come in four different designs: The familiar Tractor style, Dedicated Rear Catcher models to catch grass clippings, Zero Turn Ride Ons to give maximum manoeuvrability and Swedish Built Front Mowing Riders to give greater mowing accessibility.

Great Features and Affordable prices

In addition to the quality Husqvarna products represent, they are also stacked with great features to give you a great experience every time you mow. That said because of Husqvarna’s huge range of different designs we are sure to find a Husqvarna rider to suit your budget.

Furthermore, we regularly offer ride on mower specials and also have a number of second-hand mowers for sale.

Covered by Husqvarna's 5 Year Domestic Warranty Promise