05 November 2012

How Does A Ride On Mower Charge Its Battery?

When comparing similarities between your car and your ride on mower, you might discover that both these vehicles operate on a combination of fuel (often petrol) and a battery. The similarity doesn’t end here, however, as both your car and your mower are equipped with technology that allows them to charge their batteries as they are being used. How on earth does this actually work?

If you understand anything about how your car runs, then you already have a basic understanding of how your mower operates. When you turn the key to turn the machine on, a spark is created that ignites the fuel. When this flame mixes with the air in your machine’s engine, it is able to start and you can cut your grass as planned.

What you may not understand is that whenever you turn your mower on you are also turning on the system that allows the battery to charge. This is because your machine is equipped with an alternator, which will provide a constant charge to the battery as long as the engine is running (without this additional power, the battery would be completely drained).

Whilst there are some similarities between the way that your car and your ride on mower charge their batteries, there are also a number of differences. For one, your mower’s battery is only about 6 volts, whereas your car’s one is usually about 12. You should never attempt to put a car battery into your machine, as this could cause a hazardous situation among other problems.

Posted by: Michael in Ride On Mowers