Our servicing prices are listed below.  Please note prices may vary based on the type and the condition of your machine.   We do assess all jobs and give customers an indicative price at the time the machine is brought into one of our service locations.  No service or repair work will be done and charged to the customer, unless we have received prior approval from you.

There are times, while our technicians are working on your job, they find additional wear and tear or a problem is discovered that was not recognised at the time of booking in.  If these problems cannot be repaired within the amount you have authorised, you will be contacted, explained the situation and we will seek your approval for additional funds to be allocated to the job.


Ride-On Mower Service

Hourly labour rate of $97 (incl. GST) PLUS the cost of parts

Ride on mowers that are relatively new and serviced annually are generally serviced in approximately 1.5 hours. Please contact your local store for more information or bring your ride on mower into one of our service centres to discuss your requirements with a trained consultant. A pick-up and delivery service is also available to assist you with the transportation of your ride-on mower. A firm price will be advised for this service when you give us your location details.

Typical parts required for the ride on mower servicing may include:

Oil ($20), Spark plug ($7.90 ea), Fuel Filter ($20), Air Filter ($35)


Lawnmower, Brushcutter, Blower, Chainsaw & Small Engine Services

General Service $69.50 (incl. GST) PLUS the cost of parts.

A general service applies when the engine operates normally, and generally includes cleaning or replacing the air filter, changing spark plug and fuel, cleaning engine and cooling fins.  Inspect and adjust throttle cable & choke/primer.  Check, test and tune if required


Major Service $104.50 (incl. GST) PLUS the cost of parts

A major service applies when the engine is not operating normally and combines a general service with a carburetor service.  A carburetor service includes cleaning of the fuel tank and fuel lines, servicing carby and jets.

Typical parts and prices required for servicing include:

Oil ($11), Spark plug ($7.90), Air Filter (From $10-$40)


Replacing lawnmower blades:

2 Blades = Approx $15 + $17.50 labour

4 blades = Approx $29 + $22 labour


Minimum Mechanical Assessment Fees:

A mechanical assessment fee will apply under the following circumstances:

  1. After work has commenced and it has been discovered that additional costs will apply to this job and you decide not to go ahead with the work.
  2. If we decide not to service your product because: – 

i. it is not a recognised brand or

ii. it is very old or

iii. the work required exceeds the cost of a new similar product and we make the decision not to do the job.

The minimum mechanical assessment fee is $35.  Ride-on mower minimum mechanical assessment fee is $75.  


Replacement Product:

If you decide to buy a replacement product from us then the mechanical assessment fee described above will not be charged.


Cleaning Charges:

Your machine has to be clean before mechanical work can be performed.  If your product requires cleaning then extra time will be charged for cleaning.  This will range from $10 to $25.  If you wish to avoid this charge please make sure your product is clean before bringing into the store.


Workshop, Environmental and Disposal Charges:

This service fee covers incidental workshop materials such as grease and fuel and is also for waste removal.  This charge is at a set amount of $18 for ride-on mowers and $9 for all other products.


We Look Forward To Serving You

We service and repair all products purchased from us and are Authorised Warranty Agents for these products. We have six workshops located at Bunyip, Mitcham, Bayswater, Dandenong, Pakenham and Cranbourne.

Our stores are open 6 days a week (Dandenong & Cranbourne open 7 days a week). 

We look forward to serving you.

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