30 January 2012

How To Clean A Ride On Mower

If you own a ride on mower it is important to ensure it is kept clean, as dirty decks and blades can cause damage to the mower itself as well as ruin your lawn. It isn't hard nor does it take long to give your machine a quick wash – and it will keep it running at its optimum for longer.

Ride on mower decks should be removed and scraped clean around two times every mowing season – once in the middle of the season, and then again at the end. Scraping the deck out will remove any dried or caked on grass and dirt that the mower hasn’t managed to discharge.

Caked on grass can cause your mower blades to become dull and this, in turn, will cause them to tear rather than cut your grass. The blades of your mower should be cleaned at least as regularly as the deck, and they should be removed and sharpened at the end of each mowing season.

To clean the mowers deck and blades, you will need to raise the machine up, using a ramp of lift, to properly expose them. Use your garden hose to spray the deck and blades until most of the dirt and grass has been removed. You may need to scrub the caked on dirt in order to get it off. Hot water, some dishwashing detergent and a steel brush work best. Once your mower is clean, dry it with an old towel to prevent rust.

Keeping your ride on mowers in optimal condition should be of great concern for owners, as repairs and replacement can be a costly experience. It does not take long to quickly clean the caked on grass and dirt of the blades, and it will help ensure your mower is long lasting.

Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers