15 April 2012

How To Transport Your Ride On Mower

Whilst a ride on mower can be highly useful for cutting the grass on large acreages, they can be much more difficult to transport than the conventional lawn mower. If you wanted to lend your mower to a friend or needed to take it from place to place for your job, how would you do it without driving it down the road? Thankfully, there are options that mean you don’t have to do this.

Firstly, you will need to hook up a trailer to a car, ensuring that it will be strong enough to tow a heavy mower. Chock the trailer’s tires with blocks of wood to prevent it from moving whilst you load it, then lower the ramp. If your trailer doesn’t have a proper ramp, you can lay planks of wood leading from the ground to the trailer bed.

You will then need to raise your ride on mower’s deck until it is in its highest position. Start it and slowly drive it up the ramp, ensuring that you park it over the trailer’s axle so that the mower’s weight is evenly distributed. Turn off the mower, but ensure that you leave it in gear. You can then lower the deck to its lowest position and apply the parking break. Also be sure to chock the mower’s back tires, as this will prevent it from moving during transportation.

To finish, fasten ratchet straps across the ride on mower’s hood and seat, ensuring that you secure them to the sides of the trailer. You can also place additional ratchet straps across the front and rear of the mower to ensure that it is properly secured. Raise the trailer’s ramp, lock it all in and you’re mower is good for transportation.

Posted by: John in Ride On Mowers