26 October 2018

Trailers for your Ride On Mower.

A poly or steel trailer for your ride on is SO USEFUL and once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it!  Personal experience has led me to discover that the Poly Trailers are almost bullet proof!  My poly trailer from the Red Shed is over 12 years old and has been used every day of it's life for jobs including hay carting, horse feeding, firewood collection, general garden work and rubbish clean ups.  We could not live a day without it.  It can be towed with a Ride on or an ATV ( a quad bike in my case) and it can also be used manually as a wheel barrow - but why not tow it around!  

We have the JAKMAX BIG WHEEL COMBI TRAILER available for a low $249 (Saving you $50).  This is the trailer that I love the most - we also have other trailers available so check out the link below:

Posted by: Melanie in Ride On Mowers