Husqvarna Concrete & Demolition Saws


Husqvarna's demo saws and power cutters are your reliable, durable, and easy-to-use tool for cutting hard, solid materials like concrete, stone, wall, or asphalt. Choose the best cutting tool that suits your need.

Powerful, reliable and easy to start

Our powerful concrete saws or power cutters are robust and reliable. They will enable you to work in the toughest conditions, withstanding climate and fuel variations. Our feature DuraStarter™ means easy servicing. Thanks to the dust-sealed starter device and the durable starter cord, it's ready to work whenever you want.

Ergonomic design with an excellent power-to-weight ratio

Husqvarna power cutters are designed to be easy and ergonomic to use. The outstanding power-to-weight ratio and low vibration level mean you can work long hours efficiently without having to worry about fatigue.

Husqvarna's 5 Year Domestic Warranty

All Husqvarna products are covered by a 5 Year Domestic Warranty. Reach out to us to get some more information on this warranty offer.