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Perform Without Fuel

09 Oct 2015

'After a recent product demo of the latest range of Husqvarna chainsaws there was one product that really caught my attention. It was the battery-powered top handle climbihng saw.
I have been in the powerline vegetation clearin industry for 11 years and this was my first experience with a battery-powered saw, so you could imagine i was a bit reluctant to believe that it was possible for a battery-powered saw to be able to handle the type of work that we do in the field. But this product blew me away by how good it was. I was able to witness it being used from a cherry picker and cut down a tree in the same fashion that we would with a petrol-powered saw but without the noise, smoke and fuel top-ups associated with two-stroke saws. It was just as fast as a petrol saw, if not faster, to bring the rtee down, becasuse there was no stalling and no need to constantly be pull starting the saw each time you turn it off to talk to ground crews below. Very impressive product. I would love to own one and have them as standard equipment on all our vehicles.' Dylan Britton - Cutting Field Supervisor, Kyneton - Vemco Group

Perfect for professional arborists and landscapers, the T536LiXP is a robust chainsaw with excellent ergonomics, high performance and high chain speed. The Li-ion battery provides long-lasting power and top-class performance, allowing you to carry on and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The 36V Li-ion battery provides an equally high power, reliable operation and as long a lifetime as petrol driven machines - without any direct emissions. A single charge equals one tank of petrol in workload.

The 36V Li-ion battery pack is also designed to quickly switch between the new battery-operated trimmer, blower, chainsaw & hedge trimmer, for a quick transition so you can change tasks and keep working with limited interruption. Combined with Husqvarna's specially developed, advanced brushless motor, the T536LiXP gives  you a performance similar to a Husqvarna petrol chainsaw. The in-house developed motor is 25 per cent more efficient than a standard brush motor providing a high and consistent torque, high chain speed and excellent cutting performance. The intuitive keypad enables starting and stopping at the push of a button, while the savE mode button maximises run time. The key pad is very easy to operate and ensures the machine does not switch on accidently.

As always Husqvarna continues to focus on safety and user-friendly features. The T356LiXP features an inertia-activated chain brake which is activated instantly if a kick back occurs and the tip of the bar is forced upwards. Whilst the horizontal bely eyelet makes it quick and easy to connect the saw to the climbing harness - a big advantage when using the saw high up in a tree. And the flip-up oil tank cap is easy to open and close, while the transparent oil indicator makes it easy to monitor chain oil levels.

In short - a very quiet, efficient and lightweight chainsaw at your service, extremely easy to use, requires low maintenance and generators low emissions.

Taken from the October 2015 edition of Trade Mag