Ride On Mowers For 1 To 5 Acres


The RedShed also helps educate enquirers as to the most suitable ride on mower to suit their individual mowing needs. A popular demand comes from someone looking to mow 1 to 5 acres. We have listed the most popular models chosen to mow areas that size.

Easy to use, Comfort and Safety.

Different features effect how easy a ride on is to use, and the power and design effect how quickly a job can be done. When you have a few acres to mow, comfort becomes important and if your property has slopes other features like slip diffs become important. We make sure we carry a Comprehensive range to ensure we have the right model for your circumstances.

Range of uses

Different ride on’s are perfect for different homeowners or landowners – some machines are required to handle longer and more frequent use, some are required to operate on slopes or in rough terrain. Whether you are a homeowner with a large block or an appearance-conscious landowner, we can help.