11 September 2012

A Guide To Lubricating Your Hedge Trimmer

Over time, you may notice that your hedge trimmer’s blades begin to stick when you try to cut the various hedges and shrubbery in your yard. Not only can this make it difficult to get any sort of gardening done, it can make your cuts unclean and jagged. To ensure that your trimmer’s blades remain in tiptop condition no matter how much you use them, you should regularly lubricate them.

But what type of lubricant should you be using? In most cases, the manual that came with your hedge trimmer will advise you as to what oil is recommended for use with your machine. If you cannot find your manual, however, you will probably find that any type of tool oil, like WD-40, is suitable.

There are actually a number of ways that you could choose to lubricate your trimmer. You could, for example, dip the blades into a pan that you have filled with an appropriate oil or you could spray the lubricant directly onto them. You could use a cloth to apply the oil to the blades or you could use one of the other many methods that can be found on the internet.

To ensure that your hedge trimmers are kept in tiptop condition, you should lubricate them every time you use them. By oiling the blades before use, you can help to stop sap from the hedges you are cutting sticking to the metal. By oiling the blades after use, you can help to remove any sap or debris that the metal may have accumulated and to prepare the trimmer for storage.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers