07 September 2014

Make sure you always trim with first class results

A hedge needs time and care to stay healthy & beautiful. Different hedges need different tools and the surroundings are also important to have in mind when buying a hedge trimmer.

Posted by: Adam in Hedge Trimmers
22 April 2013

Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Through Fountain Grasses?

Nowadays, fountain grasses seem to be everywhere; they're an evergreen to a semi-evergreen perennial that is often used to add texture and interest to a home landscape.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers
04 March 2013

Why Wont My Hedge Trimmers Pull Cord Rewind?

Your hedge trimmer should have been fitted with a pull cord that helps you to turn the machine on; it turns a flywheel that, when it spins fast enough, connects with the ignition module and sends an electric charge up to the spark plug.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers
20 January 2013

Common Problems with Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that can arise during the life your petrol hedge trimmer.

Posted by: Michael in Hedge Trimmers
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