30 January 2012

How To Use A Lawnmower On A Sloped Yard

For some people, they are in the unfortunate position of having a property that is sloped or located on a steep hill. When it comes to mowing the lawn, slopes and hills can prove to be a nightmare – would you even know where to start? Luckily, there is a safe way to use a lawnmower on a sloped yard.

When using a lawnmower that you push, such as self-propelled or hover mowers, it is important to ensure that your mow across the slope. Mowing up and down will increase your chances of tipping the lawnmower over or losing control of it, which can result in serious injury.

When using a ride on lawnmowers, it is important to do the complete opposite – to mow up and down the slope. Mowing across the slope with a ride on lawnmower can cause the machine to tip over on top of you. It is also safest to ensure that the lawnmower is pointing downhill. This is because the drive tyres are in the rear of the lawnmower and pointing them uphill can cause the machine to flip backwards.

Regardless of whether you are using a push or a ride on lawnmower, it is imperative that you go slowly whenever mowing on a slope. This will ensure that, if anything goes wrong with the machine, you are able to better stay in control of the situation.

Unfortunately, if your property is located on a very steep hill it is extremely unsafe for you to use any kind of lawnmower on the grass. In these kinds of cases, it is recommended that you use a hand held device, such as whipper snipper, or plant a ground cover that will not need to be mown.

Posted by: John in Lawn Mowers