Ride On Mowers

Largest Range & Best-priced Ride On Mowers In Melbourne

Our team is proud to offer you the Biggest Range & the Best Priced ride on mowers in Melbourne!

With services and prices that no one can match, we are sure that you’ll be able to find the right mower to suit your needs. Whether you are after a second hand model or a model from the top of the range, we have what you’re looking for.

Which ride on is best for you?

To help you choose the most appropriate model for your individual circumstances, we ask you to consider these questions:

  • What size area do you need to mow?
  • Would you prefer a model with an automatic or a manual drive?
  • How much have you budgeted to purchase your new mower?

Please note that Interest Free Finance is available!

Advice and suggestions

The team at Melbourne’s Mower Centre and the RedShed SuperStores is more than happy to provide you with advice and suggest which models will suit your needs. Feel free to come in and speak with one of our helpful staff members about your particular requirements.

30 day satisfaction guarantee

To ensure that we help you choose the most suitable ride on mower for your individual circumstances, we offer our customers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the chance to try the machine out and, if you find that it isn’t suitable, return it with the full amount originally paid transferred to another model.