15 June 2023

Log Splitters: The Perfect Companion for Australian Winters

Say goodbye to manual labor and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a well-stocked supply of firewood throughout the winter. Browse our range of log splitters today and elevate your winter experience!

Posted by: Ben in Logsplitters
01 May 2020

Best Log Splitters in Australia - RedGum Log Splitters

RedGum Log Splitters are the most powerful and best Honda-Powered Log Splitters in Australia , and we have all of them in stock!

Posted by: Chris in Logsplitters
30 October 2013

Electric Vs Fuel Logsplitters

A logsplitter can make your life much easier and safer, especially if you need firewood to keep your home warm or your job requires you to clear land. But which type of logsplitter will best meet your needs an electric or a fuel powered one?

Posted by: Michael in Logsplitters