23 March 2012

Top 3 Tips For Finding The Best Ride On Mower

When shopping for a ride on mower for use on your property, there are a number of things that you should take into account before purchasing. This way, you can ensure that you choose the best mower for your needs and receive a lifetime of smooth and well-maintained lawns.

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11 March 2012

How To Use A Ride On Mower

A lot of people seem to be believers of the misconception that using a ride on mower is much like using a regular mower, except that you sit on it instead of push it, or that using one is much like driving a car, except that you can't go as fast.

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29 February 2012

How To Fix A Flat Tire On A Ride On Mower

A ride on mower uses tires that are very similar to those you would find on your car, which means that they are just as susceptible to punctures. Mower tires, however, may suffer flats more often because of all the rocks, sticks and other debris hiding in your grass.

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21 February 2012

How To Put Petrol In A Mower

While this may seem like a silly question for some, if you have never before put petrol in a mower it may seem like a really confusing task. After all, it's not the same as putting petrol in your car or motorbike.

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